flopy.utils.utils_def Module

Generic classes and utility functions

class flopy.utils.utils_def.FlopyBinaryData

The FlopyBinaryData class is a class to that defines the data types for integer, floating point, and character data in MODFLOW binary files. The FlopyBinaryData class is the super class from which the specific derived classes are formed. This class should not be instantiated directly.

flopy.utils.utils_def.totim_to_datetime(totim, start='1-1-1970', timeunit='D')

totim : list or numpy array

start : str

Starting date for simulation. (default is 1-1-1970).

timeunit : string

time unit of the simulation time. Valid values are ‘S’econds, ‘M’inutes, ‘H’ours, ‘D’ays, ‘Y’ears. (default is ‘D’).


out : list

datetime object calculated from start and totim values