flopy.pest.tplarray Module

class flopy.pest.tplarray.Util2dTpl(chararray, name, multiplier, indexed_param)

Class to define a two-dimensional template array for use with parameter estimation.


chararray : A Numpy ndarray of dtype ‘str’.

name : The parameter type. This will be written to the control record

as a comment.

indexed_param : bool

A flag to indicated whether or not the array contains parameter names within the array itself.


Convert the array into a string.

Returns:file_entry : str
class flopy.pest.tplarray.Util3dTpl(u3d)

Class to define a three-dimensional template array for use with parameter estimation.

Parameters:u3d : Util3d object

Fill the chararray with the parameter name.


p : flopy.pest.params.Params

Parameter. Must have .idx and .name attributes


Convert the package array into the appropriate template array