flopy.pest.params Module

class flopy.pest.params.Params(mfpackage, partype, parname, startvalue, lbound, ubound, span, transform='log')

Class to define parameters that will be estimated using PEST.


mfpackage : str

The Modflow package type to associated with this parameter. ‘LPF’ is one package that is working now.

partype : str

The parameter type, such as ‘hk’. This must be a valid attribute in the mfpackage.

parname : str

The parameter name, such as ‘HK_1’.

startvalue : float

The starting value for the parameter.

lbound : float

The lower bound for the parameter.

ubound : float

The upper bound for the parameter.

span : dict

The span over which the parameter applies. The span depends on the type of array that the parameter applies to. For 3d arrays, span should have either ‘idx’ or ‘layers’ keys. span[‘layers’] should be a list of layer to for which parname will be applied as a multiplier. idx is a tuple, which contains the indices to which this parameter applies. For example, if the parameter applies to a part of a 3D MODFLOW array, then idx can be a tuple of layer, row, and column indices (e.g. (karray, iarray, jarray). This idx variable could also be a 3D bool array. It is ultimately used to assign parameter to the array using arr[idx] = parname. For transient 2d arrays, span must include a ‘kpers’ key such that span[‘kpers’] is a list of stress period to which parname will be applied as a multiplier.

transform : Parameter transformation type.

flopy.pest.params.zonearray2params(mfpackage, partype, parzones, lbound, ubound, parvals, transform, zonearray)

Helper function to create a list of flopy parameters from a zone array and list of parameter zone numbers.

The parameter name is set equal to the parameter type and the parameter zone value, separated by an underscore.