flopy.modflow.mfsip Module

mfsip module. Contains the ModflowSip class. Note that the user can access the ModflowSip class as flopy.modflow.ModflowSip.

Additional information for this MODFLOW package can be found at the Online MODFLOW Guide.

class flopy.modflow.mfsip.ModflowSip(model, mxiter=200, nparm=5, accl=1, hclose=1e-05, ipcalc=1, wseed=0, iprsip=0, extension='sip', unitnumber=None, filenames=None)

MODFLOW Strongly Implicit Procedure Package Class.


model : model object

The model object (of type :class:flopy.modflow.mf.Modflow) to which this package will be added.

mxiter : integer

The maximum number of times through the iteration loop in one time step in an attempt to solve the system of finite-difference equations. (default is 200)

nparm : integer

The number of iteration variables to be used. Five variables are generally sufficient. (default is 5)

accl : float

The acceleration variable, which must be greater than zero and is generally equal to one. If a zero is entered, it is changed to one. (default is 1)

hclose : float > 0

The head change criterion for convergence. When the maximum absolute value of head change from all nodes during an iteration is less than or equal to hclose, iteration stops. (default is 1e-5)

ipcalc : 0 or 1

A flag indicating where the seed for calculating iteration variables will come from. 0 is the seed entered by the user will be used. 1 is the seed will be calculated at the start of the simulation from problem variables. (default is 0)

wseed : float > 0

The seed for calculating iteration variables. wseed is always read, but is used only if ipcalc is equal to zero. (default is 0)

iprsip : integer > 0

the printout interval for sip. iprsip, if equal to zero, is changed to 999. The maximum head change (positive or negative) is printed for each iteration of a time step whenever the time step is an even multiple of iprsip. This printout also occurs at the end of each stress period regardless of the value of iprsip. (default is 0)

extension : string

Filename extension (default is ‘sip’)

unitnumber : int

File unit number (default is None).

filenames : str or list of str

Filenames to use for the package. If filenames=None the package name will be created using the model name and package extension. If a single string is passed the package will be set to the string. Default is None.


>>> import flopy
>>> ml = flopy.modflow.Modflow()
>>> sip = flopy.modflow.ModflowSip(ml, mxiter=100, hclose=0.0001)
static load(f, model, ext_unit_dict=None)

Load an existing package.


f : filename or file handle

File to load.

model : model object

The model object (of type flopy.modflow.mf.Modflow) to which this package will be added.

ext_unit_dict : dictionary, optional

If the arrays in the file are specified using EXTERNAL, or older style array control records, then f should be a file handle. In this case ext_unit_dict is required, which can be constructed using the function flopy.utils.mfreadnam.parsenamefile.


sip : ModflowSip object


>>> import flopy
>>> m = flopy.modflow.Modflow()
>>> sip = flopy.modflow.ModflowSip.load('test.sip', m)

Write the package file.