flopy.modflow.mfpks Module

mfpks module. Contains the ModflowPks class. Note that the user can access the ModflowPks class as flopy.modflow.ModflowPks.

class flopy.modflow.mfpks.ModflowPks(model, mxiter=100, innerit=50, isolver=1, npc=2, iscl=0, iord=0, ncoresm=1, ncoresv=1, damp=1.0, dampt=1.0, relax=0.97, ifill=0, droptol=0.0, hclose=0.001, rclose=0.1, l2norm=None, iprpks=0, mutpks=3, mpi=False, partopt=0, novlapimpsol=1, stenimpsol=2, verbose=0, partdata=None, extension='pks', unitnumber=None, filenames=None)

MODFLOW Pks Package Class.


model : model object

The model object (of type flopy.modflow.mf.Modflow) to which this package will be added.

mxiter : int

maximum number of outer iterations. (default is 100)

innerit : int

maximum number of inner iterations. (default is 30)

hclose : float

is the head change criterion for convergence. (default is 1.e-3).

rclose : float

is the residual criterion for convergence. (default is 1.e-1)

relax : float

is the relaxation parameter used with npcond = 1. (default is 1.0)




iprpks : int

solver print out interval. (default is 0).

mutpks : int

If mutpcg = 0, tables of maximum head change and residual will be printed each iteration. If mutpcg = 1, only the total number of iterations will be printed. If mutpcg = 2, no information will be printed. If mutpcg = 3, information will only be printed if convergence fails. (default is 3).

damp : float

is the steady-state damping factor. (default is 1.)

dampt : float

is the transient damping factor. (default is 1.)

extension : list string

Filename extension (default is ‘pks’)

unitnumber : int

File unit number (default is 27).

filenames : str or list of str

Filenames to use for the package. If filenames=None the package name will be created using the model name and package extension. If a single string is passed the package will be set to the string. Default is None.


>>> import flopy
>>> m = flopy.modflow.Modflow()
>>> pks = flopy.modflow.ModflowPks(m)
static load(f, model, ext_unit_dict=None)

Load an existing package.


f : filename or file handle

File to load.

model : model object

The model object (of type flopy.modflow.mf.Modflow) to which this package will be added.

ext_unit_dict : dictionary, optional

If the arrays in the file are specified using EXTERNAL, or older style array control records, then f should be a file handle. In this case ext_unit_dict is required, which can be constructed using the function flopy.utils.mfreadnam.parsenamefile.


pks : ModflowPks object


>>> import flopy
>>> m = flopy.modflow.Modflow()
>>> pks = flopy.modflow.ModflowPks.load('test.pks', m)

Write the package file.