flopy.modflow.mfmnwi Module

class flopy.modflow.mfmnwi.ModflowMnwi(model, wel1flag=None, qsumflag=None, byndflag=None, mnwobs=1, wellid_unit_qndflag_qhbflag_concflag=None, extension='mnwi', unitnumber=None, filenames=None)

‘Multi-Node Well Information Package Class’


model : model object

The model object (of type flopy.modflow.mf.Modflow) to which this package will be added.

wel1flag : integer

Flag indicating output to be written for each MNW node at the end of each stress period

qsumflag :integer

Flag indicating output to be written for each multi-node well

byndflag :integer

Flag indicating output to be written for each MNW node

mnwobs :integer

Number of multi-node wells for which detailed flow, head, and solute data re to be saved

wellid_unit_qndflag_qhbflag_concflag : list of lists

Containing wells and related information to be output (length : [MNWOBS][4or5])

extension : string

Filename extension (default is ‘mnwi’)

unitnumber : int

File unit number (default is None).

filenames : str or list of str

Filenames to use for the package and the output files. If filenames=None the package name will be created using the model name and package extension and the output names will be created using the model name and output extensions. Default is None.


>>> import flopy
>>> ml = flopy.modflow.Modflow()
>>> ghb = flopy.modflow.ModflowMnwi(ml, ...)
check(f=None, verbose=True, level=1)

Check mnwi package data for common errors.


f : str or file handle

String defining file name or file handle for summary file of check method output. If a string is passed a file handle is created. If f is None, check method does not write results to a summary file. (default is None)

verbose : bool

Boolean flag used to determine if check method results are written to the screen

level : int

Check method analysis level. If level=0, summary checks are performed. If level=1, full checks are performed.




>>> import flopy
>>> m = flopy.modflow.Modflow.load('model.nam')
>>> m.mnwi.check()

Write the package file.