flopy.modflow.mfbct Module

class flopy.modflow.mfbct.ModflowBct(model, itrnsp=1, ibctcb=0, mcomp=1, ic_ibound_flg=1, itvd=1, iadsorb=0, ict=0, cinact=-999.0, ciclose=1e-06, idisp=1, ixdisp=0, diffnc=0.0, izod=0, ifod=0, icbund=1, porosity=0.1, bulkd=1.0, arad=0.0, dlh=0.0, dlv=0.0, dth=0.0, dtv=0.0, sconc=0.0, extension='bct', unitnumber=None)

Block centered transport package class for MODFLOW-USG

check(f=None, verbose=True, level=1)

Check package data for common errors.


f : str or file handle

String defining file name or file handle for summary file of check method output. If a sting is passed a file handle is created. If f is None, check method does not write results to a summary file. (default is None)

verbose : bool

Boolean flag used to determine if check method results are written to the screen

level : int

Check method analysis level. If level=0, summary checks are performed. If level=1, full checks are performed.




>>> import flopy
>>> m = flopy.modflow.Modflow.load('model.nam')
>>> m.dis.check()
load(model, pack_type, f, nper=None, pop_key_list=None, check=True, unitnumber=None, ext_unit_dict=None)

The load method has not been implemented for this package.


Plot 2-D, 3-D, transient 2-D, and stress period list (MfList) package input data


**kwargs : dict

filename_base : str

Base file name that will be used to automatically generate file names for output image files. Plots will be exported as image files if file_name_base is not None. (default is None)

file_extension : str

Valid matplotlib.pyplot file extension for savefig(). Only used if filename_base is not None. (default is ‘png’)

mflay : int

MODFLOW zero-based layer number to return. If None, then all all layers will be included. (default is None)

kper : int

MODFLOW zero-based stress period number to return. (default is zero)

key : str

MfList dictionary key. (default is None)


axes : list

Empty list is returned if filename_base is not None. Otherwise a list of matplotlib.pyplot.axis are returned.


>>> import flopy
>>> ml = flopy.modflow.Modflow.load('test.nam')
>>> ml.dis.plot()
to_shapefile(filename, **kwargs)

Export 2-D, 3-D, and transient 2-D model data to shapefile (polygons). Adds an attribute for each layer in each data array


filename : str

Shapefile name to write




>>> import flopy
>>> ml = flopy.modflow.Modflow.load('test.nam')
>>> ml.lpf.to_shapefile('test_hk.shp')

Write the package file.